The Power of a Bequest

27 Oct 2021

The power of a bequest can provide a legacy that will live on and continue to provide for the care and comfort of patients, equipment and research at Barwon Health for many years.


When you make the important decision to leave a bequest to Barwon Health Foundation, you can decide exactly which area of the health service that you wish to support. You may want your bequest to assist the amazing Andrew Love Cancer Centre, or to provide support for mental health patients and their families, or perhaps to assist in cutting edge research at the Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre.


So, whether you want to support Women's and Children's health, Palliative Care, Cardiology, Aged Care, or any area of our extensive health service, the choice is yours just by noting your gift to the Barwon Health Foundation and the area/s that you wish to support in your will.


You can also direct that the funds be held in a growing endowment fund that, combined with the gifts of others, provide a sustainable source of funds to the area of your choosing.


Whatever you decide, you can be assured that our independent Board will ensure the funds will be put to best use according to your wishes.


Past gifts have provided care, contributed to ground-breaking research, provided equipment and literally saved lives. If you have been a past patient of Barwon Health, the chances are that the ward you were in, the bed in which you received your care, the equipment used to treat you, or the medication that you received has had some connection to past gifts in wills.


Geelong deserves the very best, always.


If you would like a confidential chat as to the correct wording for your will or receive a complimentary brochure on bequests and the power of giving, please contact Francis Trainor on 4215 8919 or