Scented Hearts from Sacred Heart

27 Sep 2021

The Special Care Nursery was the recipient of a heartfelt donation from two Year 10 students at Sacred Heart College, Ella and Allegra, recently.

The girls spent two terms hand making 100 Scent Hearts which are given to parents of babies in the Special Care Nursery to help them form a bond through scent when they are apart.

The parent wears the scent heart for 6-8 hours on their skin. The baby will have another scent heart at a safe distance for 12-24 hours. They can then switch hearts and develop their loving bond through scent even if separated at times.

"We feel so lucky that we had the opportunity to give back to the community in such a creative way. It's been an amazing experience and so rewarding to create something that can hopefully bring comfort to families during such a difficult time. We had a fun selecting the different fabric designs and making them," said Ella and Allegra.

Thank you girls for your thoughtful generosity. It is this kindness from the community that allows us to enhance the comfort and care of those accessing our health service.

Pictured, Sacred Heart Students Ella and Allegra and nurses from the Special Care Nursery who were incredibly grateful.