Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre

20 May 2023

In 2020 the Costa Family made an extraordinary donation to the Barwon Health Foundation, a donation that will make a significant impact on the health of the region for decades and decades to come.

Plans were quickly set in place to open Victoria’s first regional clinical trials centre that will be a focal point for researchers and improve access to cutting edge treatments.

The centre officially opened in 2023.

In tribute to the late Adrian Costa who, together with his wife Mary, tragically died in 1972 in a car accident, the Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre has created a smarter, healthier future for our community. 

The Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre is a key part of Barwon Health’s strategy to embed research excellence into every aspect of clinical care. A thriving clinical trials program is a fundamental to the delivery of innovative and evidence based care, and attracts the best and brightest to our team. The centre improves training opportunities, research capacity and consumer access to the best available treatments. 

The Centre works closely with academic partner, Deakin University, to identify and solve the major health challenges facing our service and community. The centre is a hub for the region; a place where doctors, nurses, allied health teams and researchers collaborate to strive for improved outcomes. 

About 200 clinical trials are underway across Barwon Health’s clinical trial teams, which include cardiology, intensive care, anaesthetics, psychiatry, orthopaedics, infectious diseases, pharmacy, endocrinology, neurosciences, paediatrics, palliative care, emergency care, and cancer services.

The Barwon Health Foundation is thrilled to help facilitate this ground-breaking clinical trials centre in Geelong.

We believe supporting this facility with a research focus will have incredible benefits for the Geelong community, assisting research into innovative treatments that will change and save lives.

The centre will help prevent, cure and care providing vital information for researchers and, at times for patients, hope where they had previously been none.

If you would like more information on how you can participate in a trial, or would like more information on the exciting work being done at the Adrian Costa Clinical Trials Centre, please contact the Foundation on 4215 8900 or

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