Supporting Research

Supporting Research

Overwhelmingly strong evidence indicates that health services that participate in research are better performers, improving the quality of care for patients and lowering mortality rates. 

International studies suggest that for every dollar invested in health and medical research, there is a $3-$7 return. 

Barwon Health (as the University Hospital Geelong) has been a research based health service for over 50 years.

With a clear focus on population health and chronic disease, Barwon Health’s medical research changes lives, translates knowledge into practice and policy and focusses on research excellence to deliver sustainable healthcare that benefits the Barwon region and beyond. Much of the work being done in research at Barwon is world class and has the capacity to be Geelong’s gift to the world! 

From ground breaking research in mental health, to incredible world class cohort studies delving into the causes of children’s allergies, asthma, autism, anxiety and depression, to observational studies into health ageing that are referred to around the world, and amazing research into emerging infectious diseases. In addition, there is outstanding clinical trials research taking place across so many areas of medicine every day at Universtiy Hospital Geelong.

Our collaborative partners are within the region – Deakin University, across the state and the nation and all over the globe.

World class medical research is a somewhat a hidden gen in Geelong and one that we would to tell you more about!

For more information on medical research and how you might be able to assist in supporting our extraordinary brilliant minds, please contact Francis Trainor on 4215 8900 or email