Introducing our newest campaign, a $2.5 million appeal to support healthier futures for residents in the northern suburbs of Geelong.

Australia is widely known as ‘the lucky country’ and as such, we often don’t recognise issues of poverty, poor education and generational disadvantage as part of our society.

However these significant challenges, and their associated impacts, do exist right here in Geelong - and they affect the lives of thousands every day.

The northern suburbs of Geelong experience some of the highest rates of unemployment, youth disengagement and low-incomes households in our region. These conditions invariably cause a whole host of serious health problems.

Most alarmingly, research confirms that many in the northern suburbs of Geelong are living shorter lives and facing higher rates of serious illness than those living in our region’s more affluent areas.

It is hard to fathom that the difference between poor health and good health, a shorter life or a longer life, may be a mere 10 minute car ride.

This is why we are proud to launch Project North – an appeal to close the current health gap to ensure all members of our community - regardless of where they live, nationality or economic status - enjoy the very best health and wellbeing possible.   

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