Zero! Zero! Zero!

24 Nov 2020

In what has been an extraordinary year where at times it was akin to being churned around in a washing machine of uncertainty, at least for now, it seems we can look forward to 2021 with some optimism.

What amazing news we have witnessed just last week with COVID infections at zero, COVID deaths zero and, as of last week, zero number of COVID patients in our state’s hospitals! The fact that this has now been maintained for a period of longer than 28 days is a testament to our community.

Unfortunately it is such a contrast to what is tragically playing out in other regions of the world.

Added to this we have the amazingly positive news - locally and around the world - of a number of the vaccines showing results of great promise giving us all reasonable hope that life getting back on track is within reach.

Even throughout the uncertainty, and let’s face it at times news was grim, our community enjoyed great comfort that our health service was ready and exceptionally capable of dealing with a COVID threat and, of course, all of our health issues. It’s something of which we can all be extremely grateful.

The level of care that Barwon Health provides doesn’t come without community support and, it’s no surprise that the needs grow as our community grows.

During our Legacy Month in August this year an overwhelming number of people made the important decision to leave a gift for the Barwon Health Foundation in their will. This also displayed great positivity and hope.

Their thought, generosity and understanding of future needs will create a legacy that will help provide the best services, the best equipment and assist achieve the very best level of care for our community well into the future.

We can’t thank them enough.

If you had ever given thought to leaving a gift in your will – and it doesn’t matter how large or small – we would love to have a confidential discussion and explain the impact that this could have ….. an impact that will literally save lives.

For more information and to receive our Bequests & Legacy giving brochure, please contact Francis Trainor on 4215 8919