National Palliative Care Week

24 May 2021
Palliative Care is not simply just end-of-life care, this week shines a light on all that Palliative Care offers.
Although no one wants to think of someone they love with a life limiting illness, one in three Australian’s will have a family member receive palliative care. What some of those might not realise though is a patient can receive palliative care for a number of years.
The theme for National Palliative Care Week 2021 is "Palliative Care, is more than you think."
Palliative care, is care that offers those living with a life-limiting illness to live well by managing symptoms and ensuring quality of life.
Coming in so many different forms, Barwon Health offers Community Palliative Care, hospital based palliative care consultancy, clinical trials and research, pal@home and the Palliative Care Unit. These options for end-of-life care are run by some of the most special of our healthcare heroes and over 90 volunteers.
This week we will be talking to some of the individuals who make Barwon Health's Palliative Care Program so special and will show you why “Palliative Care, is more than you think...”
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