Local kids need your help this EOFY

11 Jun 2021


Kids in our region who have suffered traumatic injuries and illnesses are so close to having the new rehabilitation centre they deserve.

A Centre designed by kids, for kids, where they can realise their full potential. The centre will support hundreds of kids each year including those with traumatic brain injuries, neurological illnesses, spinal injuries, brain tumours, and other conditions such as cerebral palsy.

In order to fulfil the wish list – we need your help.

The soil has been turned for construction of the paediatric rehabilitation centre but we need to raise a further $150,000 to complete the fitout.

Launched by the Barwon Health Foundation in 2017, the Kids Appeal aimed to generate $3.6 million to bring this vision to life and now we’re on the home stretch.

We will have a state-of-the-art facility funded by the generous people of Geelong, for the youth of Geelong.

This is where I need your help.

As tax time approaches, please consider making a donation to the Barwon Health Foundation so we can continue to provide the best health care to the most vulnerable in our community.

I know that this is a big ask as the local community has already been so generous, but I know that you will agree with me – Geelong kids deserve the very, very best.

Currently they are receiving rehabilitation alongside adults in shared spaces and areas not designed for children.

These brave and resilient kids, who are working hard every day to achieve their recovery goals, deserve a Centre just for them.

The local community can make it happen.

Your donation will make a real and significant difference to the comfort and care our rehabilitation centre is able to provide young patients, now and in the future.

Earmarked to open by the end of the year, the Centre will include a rehabilitation gym, therapy kitchen, outdoor therapy garden and child-friendly treatment rooms, which will provide a more holistic and family orientated experience.

Kids just like Kids Appeal Ambassador Keisha Low, who, at just three years old, added her voice to a chorus of local patients and their families who called for the development of a purpose built facility that can and will improve their quality of life.

As Keisha has grown, so too has her family’s passion for the service where she will be a founding patient from the moment doors open, continuing to access treatment until she is a young adult.

The benefit of this level of accessibility so close to home cannot be overstated.

You may not need us right now but with your help, we will be here for you and those special little people in your life when you do.

We are calling upon you to help us complete the build and fund specialist equipment that will make the Centre a leader in child and adolescent rehabilitation across the state.

With the continued support of their fellow Geelong residents, local kids will be attending their rehabilitation in this wonderful new centre before Christmas.

Right now is the perfect time to make a donation. Your gift can almost immediately be claimed as a deduction on your tax return.

Your contribution will make a big difference to little people who are facing a mountain they can’t climb alone.

Kindest regards,

Zoe Waters
Executive Director, Barwon Health Foundation

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