Lasting Legacy - Local family remembers Tulli

22 Jul 2020

Making a donation to the Lasting Legacy Fund and reserving a leaf on our Lasting Legacy Tree is the perfect way to honour the memory of a loved one. Just like Travis and Bek Seabert.

Bek recently contacted the Barwon Health Foundation to purchase a leaf in memory of their daughter Tulli. Here Bek explains why they chose to purchase a leaf in Tulli's name;

"Our gorgeous Tulli girl, born with several medical conditions which affected her body and the way it worked, often landing us in Hospital.

So when there was an opportunity to purchase a leaf we jumped at the chance to support Barwon Health, which became our second home.

A hospital who played a huge role in caring and supporting us to help care for our beautiful girl in and out of hospital, it was the least we could do to say thank you to the Children’s Ward nurses, the whole Paediatric team and everyone who works on HW3.

Our Tulli girl was so brave, so cheeky and had a smile that would brighten your day. Late last year she became one of the sweetest of angels, so to see our leaf displayed at the hospital will not only share our heartfelt thank you to our ‘extended family’ on Hw3 but will be a gentle reminder of all the wonderful memories we shared with our Tulli girl." 

Make a donation to the Lasting Legacy Fund today and have your leaf added to our lasting legacy tree soon to be erected in the main corridor of our hospital.