Health Webinars now online!

28 Aug 2020

Our series of health webinars during August were very well received with experts in cardiology, healthy ageing, cancer and cutting edge medical research and clinical trials, all presenting fascinating insights into these areas of medicine at Barwon Health.

The webinars also provided expert legal opinions on estate planning and preparation of wills, plus we also learned of the immense value of legacy giving, the acts of generosity over the years that have helped shaped Barwon Health into the regional Health service of excellence that it is today, and we hard details of Tim Malloy who was the first person to make a bequest to the Geelong Hospital in 1849.

Tim Malloy's memory lives on with those who have desired to leave a bequest to the Foundation becoming members of the Malloy Society.

Replays of the webinars are now available online. Please go to