Wrap up of the 2020 Gala Christmas Album and Concert

19 Jan 2021

The 104th Gala looked very different to the parades of years gone by. We knew the nostalgic Geelong event had to continue, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the format had to change. A group of 11 incredible local artists and bands came together, alongside the Barwon Health Choir to release a stunning Gala Christmas Album.

Partnering with Geelong Arts Centre, City of Greater Geelong and Geelong Connected Communities allowed us to bring the artists from the album and the magic of Christmas directly to your screens at home. Over 12,000 watched our live Gala Christmas Concert and over $80,000 was raised through our Christmas appeal.

Thank you to the incredible artists Stellar Perry, Luke Biscan, The Sweethearts, Taylor Henderson, Imogen Brough, Kim Cooper, Dara Hession, The Mik Maks, Amy Lehpamer, Abe Anderson, Rach Brennan & the Pines and the Barwon Health Choir for bringing Gala alive in the new format as well our incredible partner, Geelong Connected Communities, City of Greater Geelong, Geelong Arts Centre and Oxygen College.