Foundation Family Funds Patient Wigs

24 May 2021
For less than a cup of coffee a week, you can change a local life.
Don't believe me?
For less than a cup of coffee a week our Foundation Family has funded two patient wigs for the Andrew Love Cancer Centre Wellness Lounge.
The lounge has a library of wigs for patients to try, change and borrow during their cancer journey, at no charge.
Shelley from the ALCC Wellness Lounge says "something as small as trying on a wig can bring such joy to a patient. It’s a scary journey and loosing hair is often one of the biggest hurdles for patients to overcome.
"Coming to the Wellness Lounge and finding a wig can often be a sense of relief for patients as they can regain their appearance without spending hundreds of dollars that wigs can cost.
"We are so grateful to be able to purchase new wigs, as its so important for patients to find a wig that makes them feel good and like there old selves. This will mean so much to our patients.”
Our family members made this possible and they will continue to fund projects like this each and every month.
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