Andy is going Dry this July

24 Jun 2021
It’s great to have Andy Mathers, General Manager of Geelong Broadcasters on board as a Dry July Community Ambassador to support Geelong’s own Andrew Love Cancer Centre.
We caught up with Andy to ask him a few questions about the month ahead…
What inspired you to take part in Dry July?
Flying the flag for Barwon Health Foundation, raising money for Andrew Love Cancer Centre and giving my liver a much needed July's a win, win, win.
How much are you hoping to raise for Andrew Love Cancer Centre?
I'm hoping to raise $1,000...anything over that would be a brilliant bonus!
What will be your non-alcoholic drink of choice for the month?
I'm a country lad, so simple tastes - Ginger Beer is my go to soft drink and I love my cordial!
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