Advance Care Planning Week

23 Mar 2021

Planning is essential !


The great wartime politician Winston Churchill once said :

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”


We can only guess that Churchill was saying that planning is the essential process where all the thought and consideration takes place, and decisions are made. He was also of the view that planning needs to be a continuing process ... and adjusted to different circumstances that may arise.


Whether it be for personal or professional reasons, important planning like that your will, planning a holiday, or simply planning the week ahead, a carefully considered plan helps us all clearly define and achieve our goals and wishes.


Sometimes the planning is for yourself, and other times it can be the roadmap that others will follow for you.


March 22nd – this week -  marks Advanced Care Planning week and, regardless of your health or age, everyone should consider health care planning. Ideally, you should start planning when you're healthy - before there's actually an urgent need for a plan.


Advance care planning gives you the opportunity to think about, discuss and record your preferences for the type of care you would receive and the outcomes you would consider acceptable. It helps to ensure your loved ones and doctors know what your health and personal preferences are and that these preferences are respected. The process benefits you, your family, carers and health professionals, helping to ensure you receive the care you actually want.


It doesn't need to be complicated but it does require careful consideration. It involves thinking about your values and preferences for care and acceptable outcomes, talking about them with others, appointing someone to make decisions on your behalf and documenting everything.


Families of people who have undertaken advance care planning have less anxiety, depression, stress and are more satisfied with care.


You can learn more about starting the conversation by chatting with your doctor about getting your advanced care planning started.


Whilst the health aspect of planning is crucial, so too is your estate planning. It's a conversation that you would generally have with your family and your lawyer and can set out your wishes for your estate after you have passed. This may include important planning on allocation of your assets to family, friends and causes that are close to your heart.


Some people believe that whilst they may have been unable to be in a position to make a significant donation in their lifetime, in leaving a lasting legacy in their will they can support their local community and causes that are important to them.


If you would like more information on bequests and how they may benefit your local community and health service, please contact Bequests Manager, Francis Trainor on 4215 8919 or