• Leah Lafranchi just donated $36.00
  • Finn jack and indigo Barry just donated $29.23
  • Al Green just donated $26.10
  • Brent Lalor just donated $41.76
  • Lidia Lavèn just donated $52.20
  • Janelle just donated $10.00
  • Higoe family just donated $52.20
  • John & Jan, Head of The Adkins Clan just donated $50.00
  • Browns just donated $62.64
  • Kevin Chew just donated $10.44
  • Leanne & Chris Walters just donated $52.20
  • Nick Kelly just donated $50.00
  • Lee Sunter just donated $52.20
  • Beau Valka just donated $35.50
  • Nicholas Buckingham just donated $52.20
  • Karen Walton just donated $20.88
  • Beverley Cathie just donated $52.20
  • Chris Carr just donated $52.20
  • Lily Mithen just donated $52.20
  • Bern Downey just donated $37.58

Get ready to fundraise for your favourite cause!

We are looking forward to seeing the amazing showcase of community spirit as thousands of participants across our region make a real impact to the healthcare provided right here in Geelong.

Set yourself a challenge and get friends, family and colleagues to support you by setting up your own fundraising page RIGHT HERE!

You can let everyone know who your fundrasing page is in honour of, or which area of our health service that you want to help raise money for.

100% of all money raised will directly support an area of your choice within Barwon Health

Run4Geelong is a community event for Geelong and takes place on November 13

Click here to register for Run4Geelong 2022 

Setting up your fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page, it's all very straight forward and you can always go back and make changes.

You might like to get prepared by getting a picture of yourself, or a loved one, if applicable, to load onto the site (you don't have to do this if you don't want to), and also be ready to write a few words on what area your are fundraising for, the challenge you have set yourself, and any other information you would like to put up to encourage others to support you. You can also set a fundraising goal. 

At any stage you can simply go back and edit the information. Need help? Just call us on 4215 8900 and we are here to help!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, get set and sign up now!

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